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A Girls Basketball
Congratulations to all of you that made the A team this year. Please be sure to check back often so you can see any changes to the practice schedules...

Coach Nama

Team Announcements
Please remember to return your uniform ASAP...
SMES basketball players, your uniforms are due to be turned in to Miss P by early on Tuesday February 8th.
Thank you all for everything...
I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for all you gave to the team this season.  We had a great run.  I know all of us are disappointed with the way it ended, but be proud of what we accomplished!  We were 9-2 with a 9 game win streak.  I have had so much fun working with all of you this season.

To all of my 8th graders, I will miss working with you again next year.  You have been great leaders and ambassadors for St. Martin's.  And for my 6th & 7th graders, with the experience you all gained this year, I look forward to the future of girls basketball at St. Martin's.

Go Warriors!

Coach Nama
Great (and crazy) Start the 2nd Half of the Season
Well we just got back up and running and then this crazy snow and ice hit!  Everyone continued to play well as we took care of business against Davis last week in our 20-8 victory. 

Now we are in crunch time... We have a game scheduled with Holy Spirit on Thursday and we have to come ready to play.  They have always been a tough team in our league and we don't need to have a let down now. 

Our game with Galloway has been rescheduled for Friday at 4pm.  So back to back games with little room for error.  Enjoy one more day at home, but come back to school on Thursday ready to play...!

Coach Nama
Excellent Work This Week!
Everyone did a great job contributing to our victories this week over Torah Day and Atlanta Academy.  I know it has been a long, hard week for all of us with all of your school work on top of our schedule, but we need to close it out strong with our game against Ridgeview Charter tomorrow afternoon.  Rest up and I will see you tomorrow! 
Another Impressive Effort
Everyone contributed greatly in our victory over GHA last night.  I was particularly impressed with the way you moved the ball around so well making smart passes and getting the ball down inside so effectively.  But once again, it was truly your great defensive work that made sure GHA never was able to get close.  I still believe that we allowed maybe one or two offensive rebounds in the first half.  Limiting the shots the other team gets goes a long way toward making a great team.

Good work, and I will see you at practice tomorrow!
Great Job!
An excellent defensive effort yesterday vs. Epstein helped us to get out to a 2-0 start.  Everyone did a great job.  Please be sure to work on your own over the next week or so because we do not officially meet again until our game against GHA the Tuesday after we return from Thanksgiving break.  Have a great Thanksgiving and Go Warriors!
Impressive Victory
I just wanted to let you all know that you did a great job in our game the other day against Arbor Montessori.  You applied tremendous pressure early on to help us build our big lead.  And then I was proud later as we slowed things down and tried to work more on our fundamentals.  We have a big game this afternoon vs. Epstein that we can hope will go as well!!
Congratulations again to all of you!
I am looking forward to a great season, and I hope all of you are too.  It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you all work on your own to improve your ball handling, shooting, and endurance.  We just do not have enough time in practice to do it all.  It takes committment and a strong work ethic to get it done.  Please commit yourself to do this work.  I will be giving you a practice journal that you can use to keep track of what you do outside of school.  Hopefully this will help get us of to a quick start!

See you all at our first practice on Thursday!

Coach Nama
Team Results
1/31/2011 15-14 loss to Atlanta Academy in MAAC Quarterfinals
1/26/2011 25-20 loss to Galloway
1/25/2011 24-21 win over Holy Spirit
1/20/2011 34-13 win over Atlanta Girls School
1/19/2011 19-13 win vs. Atlanta International School
1/6/2011 20 - 8 win over Davis Academy.
12/9/2010  28-10 win over Atlanta Academy.
12/7/2010  35-13 win over Torah Day School of Atlanta.
11/30/2010 39-11 win vs. GHA
11/18/2010 18-12 win vs. Epstein
11/16/2010 54-1 win vs. Arbor Montessori
Team Contacts
+ Nama, Chris
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